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What is CryptoExchange's Escrow?

Escrow services are the key to more secure payments. This financial arrangement allows a representative third party to bring neutrality to transactions by holding payment of the cryptocurrency required for two parties involved in a given transaction. The escrow service provider manages the cryptocurrency in question and keeps them secure throughout the duration of the transaction.

How Escrow Works

CryptoExchange has a full team of Escrow officers. CryptoExchange escrow services ensure that the terms of the transaction agreed upon by both the Buyer and Seller are satisfied.

Buyer creates an escrow account
One of the two parties, either the Buyer or Seller, will initiate the transaction. This process begins when the user inquires about the offering and creates an account on CryptoExchange. With an account set up, the two parties can solidify the terms of their agreement.
Buyer pays
The Buyer or Seller can initiate the trade. The Buyer sends the cryptocurrency from their account to the escrow service, where it is immediately transferred to a USD stablecoin and stored in a no-interest escrow account. The value of the cryptocurrency is protected from volatility until both parties agree the transaction is complete.
Seller ships product
The Buyer sends cryptocurrency to CryptoExchange's escrow service for safekeeping. Following this, the Seller sends the product to the Buyer and submits the associated tracking information to CryptoExchange. The Buyer will then verify they have received the merchandise.
Buyer accepts product
When the product arrives, the Buyer must inspect the product and determine if they want to keep it within a set number of days. If the product doesn't meet the specifications, the Buyer may choose to reject the offering.
CryptoExchange releases payment to Seller
If the offering is as specified, the Buyer can choose to accept the product. When this happens, CryptoExchange will convert the stablecoin to the original cryptocurrency and release it to the Seller.

Escrow Transaction Info

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    Clear visibility into the process

    The CryptoExchange platform provides users with a complete set of status updates throughout the escrow process. Both the Buyer and Seller have full insight into the steps that are their responsibility, including where they are in the transaction process.

    Payment options

    CryptoExchange is a cryptocurrency-only escrow service. To purchase crypto, users can browse from any of the available offerings on our website, including credit cards, and bank transfers.

    Once the Buyer sends funds to CryptoExchange escrow services, they are converted to a USD stablecoin to protect the value of the Buyer's assets. In the event of volatile price swings, users can rest assured that they still have the capital to fulfill their purchase. CryptoExchange will convert funds back to the original cryptocurrency in the event that the sale doesn't go through.

    CryptoExchange Escrow Services

    Transactions made using CryptoExchange's escrow services are held in a secure, non-interest-bearing trust escrow account until the Buyer and Seller agree the transaction is complete. The use of an escrow account ensures that parties are protected against chargebacks, fraud, or low-quality goods.

    A personal touch

    CryptoExchange specializes in crypto escrow services and guarantees that qualified professionals will help guide users through the process from start to finish.

    CryptoExchange offers chat support for extended hours during the week, with additional email support available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.