Buy Domains with Bitcoin

Is it easy to buy and sell domains with Bitcoin?

Purchasing a domain on a crypto marketplace requires the same amount of effort as any domain reseller that accepts credit cards. Users have the same convenience and can browse through premium domains until they find one that they would like to purchase. Next, the platform directs users to the payment page. On this page, users provide their login information, and a bitcoin wallet address can be provided.

To sell premium domains, users will need to determine the domain's value, create an account on the marketplace of their choice and prepare the listing, including the price.

Why use a Cryptocurrency Marketplace to buy and sell website domains

Rather than dealing one-on-one with a Buyer or Seller, a cryptocurrency marketplace allows users to buy premium domains from a single location. Users can browse through 2 letter domains, three-letter domains, and brandable domains within the crypto marketplace. Additionally, transactions can be easily conducted with a third-party's help by using additional services like an escrow officer. The only information needed to get started is an email address and password, and users can quickly make purchases using their crypto.

Is it safe to buy website domains with cryptocurrency?

Cryptocurrency payments are among the most secure methods for online payments. Digital currencies use advanced coding methods known as encryption to provide security and safety for all purchasers. In any standard domain sale, parties will engage with an escrow service to ensure that the potential Buyer doesn't provide a fake authorization code. Selling platforms like provide built-in escrow services for each transaction to safeguard both parties involved in the transaction.