What is ThreeFold?

ThreeFold Network is a long-term project created by ThreeFold Tech to rewire the internet, providing a true P2P network, called the ThreeFold Grid, that is actually decentralized, unowned, accessible, and most importantly, free.

Kristof De Spiegeleer, the co-founder and CEO of ThreeFold shared that he’s been working on the Grid since 2016.

As of June 2020, ThreeFold and its 30+ partners have invested more than $40 million into the project which enables a green, neutral, and equitable internet, backed/powered by the Blockchain. One of its partners is HP Enterprises, which provides ThreeFold Farmers with high-quality hardware.

Today, ThreeFold Farmers have collectively built the largest P2P grid of internet capacity in the world, with more than 80,000,000 GB--yes, that’s 80 million GB of capacity and 15,000 CPU cores, which reaches over 20 countries.

Discussions surrounding “capacity” are increasing, as there is a new high-demand market for it, with ThreeFold synergistically connecting the world of cloud and blockchain markets, to the most scalable universal platforms--all without compromising performance, security, and privacy.

Once a Farmer’s capacity has been added, TFTs corresponding to the value of that capacity are generated. When their capacity is sold, Farmers receive additional TFTs.

ThreeFold Farming

The game’s whitepaper, or “white pa-purr” as it’s commonly referred to describes CryptoKitties as “digital, collectible cats built on the Ethereum blockchain, which can be bought and sold using ether, and bred to create new cats with exciting traits and varying levels of cuteness”.

At launch, 50,000 “Gen 0” cats or “Clock Cats” as they’re called, are stored in a smart contract on Ethereum’s blockchain. Unique in appearance, the Clock Cats are distributed every 15 minutes. The genesis cat was born in adopted on December 2, 2017 and the last cats were generated November 2018. After this, no new “Gen 0” cats were created, ensuring that only 50,000 Gen 0 kitties would ever exist.

Back in December 2017, Vitalik Buterin tweeted that he supported the game, which demonstrates the value blockchain brings beyond just mere apps.

ThreeFold Tokens (TFTs)

TFT lives on the Stellar Blockchain, representing a unit of reservation of capacity or computer storage on the ThreeFold Grid. There is a maximum of 2 billion TFTs in circulation.

For more information on the ThreeFold Token, please click here.

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