2017 Ferrari GTC4Lusso

4 Wheel Drive
335 Km/h
3.4 sec
680 HP
6.3 Litre
Car Description Powerful yet sophisticated, sporty yet luxurious. Ferrari's new 12-cylinder really does make every journey a radically different experience. Whether being driven solo or with all four seats occupied, the latest addition to the Ferrari range puts people at the centre of a whole new world. The GTC4 Lusso was designed to deliver different and entirely surprising emotions.Meticulous attention to design has produced a cabin that is a flawless triumph of sporty luxury. It's the Pinnacle of Sporty Luxury. Also the car comes with Novitec Shiftronic Exhaust Valve. This low mileage 2017 Ferrari GTC4Lusso is a real head turner and available exclusively for sale at Car Vault! Comes with a Service Contract! Contact us now! as this will not be available for too long!

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6.3 Litre

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