Brand: Jacob & Co


The Epic X is a collection defined by its unmistakable design, contemporary style and high-end watchmaking solutions. Every Epic X is a statement-piece: a bold combination of traditional and high-tech materials, exclusive and highly refined calibers, and a truly Epic aesthetic that is immediately recognizable and yet remarkably versatile. From sporty and rugged to precious and elegant, every Epic X is as striking as it is multifaceted.

Defined by the iconic X-shaped lugs and dial appliqués, the Epic X Chrono features integrated design-, and engineering solutions for ultimate comfort, functionality and style. Its complex case is full of exquisite details, lending it its bespoke aesthetic and inimitable feel. The smoked mineral crystal dial and case-back allow for a peek into the Exclusive JCAA05 chronograph caliber and its beautifully finished details. The open-worked rubber straps allow for ventilation and flow seamlessly into the lugs and case-band, all to create a sublimely comfortable fit around the wrist.

The Epic X Chrono is an extraordinarily capable and highly exclusive timepiece in its every variation. With this Epic X Chrono UAE limited edition, Jacob & Co. salutes the formation of the United Arab Emirates and celebrates its success.

  • Swiss Made semi-skeletonized automatic column-wheel chronograph movement
  • Detailed high-end finishing throughout the movement
  • Anti-reflective sapphire crystal on front and back, so the high-watchmaking movement is completely on display
  • Bold, X-shaped 47mm black DLC grade 5 titanium case
  • The colors of the UAE flag are proudly set into the center of the bold Epic X dial
  • On the back of the case, the UAE emblem is superimposed on the smoked sapphire crystal exhibition back
  • Unique perforated rubber band
  • Bi-compax chronograph layout
  • Unique internal rotating bezel
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Brand Jacob & Co
Bracelet material rubber
Case material Components: 61
Water resistance 200m
Body diameter 47mm

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